Toon Schults was born on the 27th of May 1948 with a pigeon carved into his heart.

At the young age of 8 years old he started as young pigeons fancier.
The love for the pigeons was far bigger then expected and soon after the young boy started to explore the possibilities.

After a few try outs Toon started as an all round player as many of the other people who nowadays have these lovely birds.
His try outs booked results and this result topped in 1977 as the combination of Duivendijke Schults won the 1st General of the whole sector.

Because the partners of Duivendijke became busier with family related issues Toon continued alone and from here on choose to play the long distances like Bergerac,Pau and offcourse Barcelona.

This all resulted in very good results on Barcelona, Perpignan and St.Vincent.

Next to racing pigeons Toon has specialised in the breeding of long distance race pigeons.

According to Toon good pigeons are the key to succes.
On the page "succesfull fanciers" you can see the results of other pigeon fanciers who have booked succeses with Toon's breeding method.

Next to breeding Toon has been working on a new racing system with his pigeons.
In this new method the focus has been put on Barcelona and all pigeons of 2 years and older are being played on this race.