Results of the Schults Loft

On Barcelona the following Results were achieved :

2012 : Biggest succes till now winning the 1st National of Barcelona against 6392 national. 6th price international.

2011 : 12th National against 7046 pigeons and 12th international against 26068 pigeons.

Barcelona 2009 

Afdeling Zeeland 
2nd price 12th price 55th price 98th price 107th price  en de 117th price

Barcelona 2008 

Afdeling Zeeland 


5th price 7t price 9th price 13th price 37th price 40th price 63th price 90th price 99th price and the 116th price.


Barcelona 2007 

Afdeling Zeeland 


10th price 23rd price 26th price 36th price 53rd price 90th price 94th price 119th price and 127th price.

Barcelona 2006


Afdeling zeeland 


6th price - 17th price - 50th price  - 71th price - 88th price - 91st price

Barcelona 2005

Afdeling zeeland 

28th and 136th price



12th National and International Barcelona


1st National and 6th international Barcelona


As Team Schoordijk-Schults a Victory with a 1st price on the one loft Race The Belgium Masters of Versele Lage at Deinzen Belgium.

More Results old and new will follow soon as the webpage is still under development. Thank you for your patience.